What to Pack for your Port Douglas Holiday

Port Douglas weather can be difficult to comprehend for a holiday maker from the southern parts of Australia. Even south-east Queenslanders are surprised by the warmth of Tropical North Queensland in the dead of winter.

Will it be warm during the day but artic at night? Is it eternally sun-kissed? Does the sun even set?

These are all questions we have asked ourselves before setting off on our first Tropical North Queensland holiday and Discover Queensland are here to answer them for you.

What to Pack on your Port Douglas Holiday

The days will be delightfully warm. Both shirts and singlets paired with shorts or boardies will be comfortable for the boys while the ladies can don a sun dress, kaftan, or shorts and singlet or shirt also.

At night the temperatures drop to approximately 15 degrees to 19 degrees meaning a light jacket will be handy, but it will still be quiet pleasant.

Swimming during winter is delightful, so definitely do not forget to pack swimmers for the whole family and of course, like yin and yang, bathers need to come with sunscreen, hats, and rashie’s for the kids as the sun’s UV rays are still in full force.